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Wanna see my magic tool kit1?

It's amazing how much a skilled practitioner can heal with just the above tools: - ~a syringe ~dextrose (sugar water) ~lidocaine And there you have it folks, the recipe for @Prolotherapy

Here are some of my favorite things about Prolotherapy: ~ -Prolotherapy sparks the body’s own healing mechanisms of regeneration, leaving your tissues stronger and joints more supportive. ~Prolotherapy is a non-surgical, studied method of reversing the years of wear and tear. ~Not only will it turn back the clock, Prolotherapy it is preventative- think of it as anti-aging for the joints! . ~ Prolotherapy addresses incomplete healing of old or unresolved injuries, lack of proper treatment, and tissues with especially low blood supply. ~Prolotherapy is a great team player and works well in synergy with other treatments. ~Prolotherapy picks up where conventional therapies fall short. Physical therapy is good for building muscles overall, however it’s not good for localized repair. Painkillers may appear to help in the short term but unfortunately act as a mask of your symptoms and don’t address the actual cause. Furthermore, painkillers can set you up for more injury and susceptibility. ~Prolotherapy brings your body’s natural healing abilities to a specific place and addresses the core of your pain.

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