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Services: Treatments

Prolotherapy is an injection of a substance that promotes growth of our cells, tissues or organs. Prolotherapy sparks the body’s own healing mechanisms of regeneration, leaving your tissues stronger and joints more supportive. It is  non-surgical, studied method of reversing the years of wear and tear. Not only will it turn back the clock, it is preventative- think of it as anti-aging for the joints!   The use of prolotherapy addresses incomplete healing of old or unresolved injuries, lack of proper treatment, and tissues with especially low blood supply. Ligaments, tendons and cartilage can heal slowly or incompletely due to lack of circulation creating healthier, more stable and pain-free joints.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which we derive from your own blood. Your blood is drawn and spun so that the remaining immune cells, growth factors and stem cells are concentrated and ready to inject into damaged tissue or degenerative joints.
PRP is thought to improve signaling and recruitment of other healing factors, nourishing injured tissue and encouraging self-repair. In addition to joints, we use PRP for non-surgical facials and hair restoration. Whether it is a torn ligament, skin that needs a collagen boost or aging hair follicles, PRP offers a potent healing response.

Tigger point injections address the hyperirritable points in a muscle that are tender to touch and can cause referred pain. Often times these points are palpable “knots” in the muscles that cause restriction, tightness, lack of mobility and pain both locally and remotely. Trigger point injections involve a small injection of an anesthetic directly into the trigger point, allowing for immediate relaxation of the taught muscle. As the trigger point dissolves, so does your pain.

Dr. Weitz offers Naturopathic services that range from creating a strong baseline health to optimizing and fine-tuning for optimal results. At any given season, we might revisit one or more of these phases. A Naturopathic visit includes a thorough personal and family health history, updating pertinent labs/imaging, understanding your current nutritional and musculoskeletal status and prioritizing your path to health. Each visit builds on the next with the focus on empowering you with the tools you need to obtain sustainable lifelong knowledge and results.

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