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Healing on multiple levels, naturally.

Dr. Weitz is a Naturopathic Physician who specializes in regenerative medicine for pain and aesthetics.

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Optimal health is the primary goal of Naturopathic medicine. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experience, resulting in a state of being fully alive. Optimal health is well-being far beyond the absence of illness.

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Health promotion and disease prevention are preferred to merely managing disease processes. Our goal is far beyond symptomatic relief.  Naturopathic medical treatment addresses the root causes of disease as well as managing symptoms starting with the lowest level of effective interventions.

We all have innate powers of healing our bodies, minds and spirits. Have you ever been around someone and noticed the strength of their vitality or conversely their weakness or “dis” ease? Naturopathic physicians evoke and utilize these inherent forces to effect healing. Whether It’s supporting through proper vitamin co-factors or removing obstacles from cure, the holistic approach is to allow the body to do what it does best when unencumbered: heal.

The quality of the relationship between the physician and patient is a major determinant of healing outcomes. This physician-patient relationship is a partnership in which patient autonomy is encouraged and the uniqueness of each individual is discerned in creating the personalized treatment plan. This is why space and time for communication, education, advocacy and trust are at the core of the doctor-patient interaction.

Naturopathic doctors are geared with multiple modalities in order to meet the unique needs of each individual. As primary care physicians, Naturopaths are trained to perform annual check-ups and physicals as well as order/interpret labs or other studies. They have vast knowledge of food, diet, nutrition and macro/micro nutrients and supplementation. Herbal formulation, homeopathy, physical medicine, osteopathic manipulations, regenerative injections for joints and tissue, counseling and multiple other research-based therapies are other core parts of the practice model. 

Whether you’ve hit a dead end with conventional treatments or feel the most fit you have in your life, establishing a relationship with a team who has you covered holistically assures you’re walking the path towards optimal health. We are complex creatures that are shifting, growing and aging and there is no reason we can’t feel younger next year.  We look forward to adding Naturopathic team care to your health journey.


Dr. Brooke Weitz

Best Naturopathic Doctor 2018

425 Magazine

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